Patient Stories

Patient Stories | Alaina Koplow

Alaina's Story

Alaina Koplow, had twin 3-year-olds and a 1-year-old daughter when she learned she had an advanced, rare form of breast cancer. With access to clinical trials and the newest drug therapies, she has responded well to ongoing treatment.

Patient Story - Andy Simon

Andy’s Story

Radiation and chemotherapy treatments were no match for hard-driving Andy Simon, 52, which earned him a nickname in homage to the Man of Steel.

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Ashley's Story

A young mother of two, Ashley was diagnosed with a brain tumor that incapacitated her. After receiving a combination of proton therapy, surgery and chemotherapy, Ashley's life has returned to normal.

Bill's Story

Bills Story

One morning, TV anchor and reporter Bill Castrovince opened his mouth but could not speak. UH doctors found a glioblastoma wrapped around his brain's speech center. After treatment, Bill's motor function and speech has slowly returned.

Patient Stories | Bobbie Cather

Bobbie's Story

With the tenacious help of UH social worker Eileen Matteo, LISW, Bobbie Cather, of Youngstown, was able to join a breast cancer clinical trial and receive the latest in treatment while benefiting future patients.

Breast cancer patient Bonita Johnson with UH care team

Bonita's Story

At age 45, Bonita Johnson of Ashtabula found a lump in her breast, and six months later was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. Thanks to the team at UH Geneva Medical Center and UH Seidman Cancer Center, she is now cancer-free.

Patient Stories | Frank Benkalowycz

Frank's Story

Frank Benkalowyca, 56, sought a second opinion after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. He underwent treatment t UH Seidman Cancer Center and eventually became cancer-free. An optimist, beating cancer has only enhanced his perspective on life.

George's Story

When 63-year-old George Miller experienced a 30-pound weight loss over a short period of time along with other severe symptoms, he knew something was wrong. Tests confirmed pancreatic cancer and George turned to University Hospitals for help.

Patient Stories | Helen Novotney

Helen's Story

Helen Novotney never had a mammogram. But UH physician Marjie Persons, MD, persuaded Helen to have a special kind of mammogram based on Helen's family history -- and saved her life. An aggressive tumor was found near the chest wall.

Jane's Story

Jane's Story

Jane Finley, 14, of Bay Village, had Hodgkin's lymphoma, and was referred to UH from the Cleveland Clinic to have proton therapy, a highly targeted radiation treatment that spares nearby healthy tissues. She's now in remission.

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Reta's Story

When Reta Ritondaro was diagnosed with lung cancer, average survival for the disease was just 12 to 15 months. Within a few weeks of treatment in a clinical trial, Reta’s tumor was almost gone; four years later, she’s still beating the odds.

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Rick's Story

When a broken arm revealed cancer in his bone marrow, Rick Karges came to University Hospitals - a pioneer in this field. Watch how phenomenal treatment options allow Rick to live a normal life.

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Sandy's Story

When Sandy Borrelli had advanced stage metastatic melanoma, the multidisciplinary melanoma team at UH Seidman Cancer Center suggested she enroll in a clinical trial, and her positive attitude and strength of character helped her thrive.

Patient Stories | Stepha Carly

Stepha's Story

Ukrainian immigrant Stepha Lyuta, 83, believes that coming to the United States - and finding UH Seidman Cancer Center - saved her life. The Parma woman was diagnosed with a rare cancer that accounts for less than 1 percent of all cancers in women.

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Sue's Story

During Sue Swiger's second pregnancy, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She began treatment days after delivering her daughter. She now is cancer-free, enjoying her children and good health, thanks to treatment at UH Seidman Cancer Center.

Patient Stories | Terri's Story

Terri's Story

Never underestimate the importance of a routine physical. During a routine checkup, Terri Schoenholz's primary care physician detected a suspicious mass in her neck and immediately referred to her a specialist. It was thyroid cancer.

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