Resources for Breast Cancer Patients, Survivors and their Families

In addition to leading-edge treatments for breast cancer, University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center also offers a variety of resources for breast cancer patients to refer to throughout their breast cancer journey, from treatment through recovery, and beyond.

Resources include:

  • Breast cancer genetics/genomics: Our multidisciplinary genomics tumor board works together to provide personal recommendations based on the genetic factors of breast cancer.
  • Clinical research: Our cancer experts are continually working toward improving treatment and survival rates for breast cancer through research and clinical trials.
  • Senior assessments: A senior assessment for breast cancer patients over age 65 can help identify and address health concerns that are more common among older patients.
  • Patient stories: Read about some of the inspiring stories of women who faced breast cancer and triumphed over it.
  • Recurrence of breast cancer: Breast cancer can reoccur years after initial diagnosis and treatment. Help to understand the warning signs of breast cancer recurrence.