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Breast Cancer Senior Assessments

Senior Assessments Help to Optimize Patients’ Health During Breast Cancer Treatment

University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center in Cleveland, Ohio, offers a unique approach to assessing seniors for special issues that may need consideration during breast cancer treatment. Many of our patients with breast cancer are older than 65. These patients are at higher risk for dementia, depression or medical issues that require us to adjust the dosage of breast cancer treatment or provide them with more frequent follow-up care.

Specialized Senior Assessment

UH Seidman Cancer Center provides a comprehensive and compassionate senior assessment that does the following:

  • Identifies factors that could interfere with successful breast cancer treatment, including dementia, inability to tolerate certain types of treatment, depression, and medical issues
  • Identifies seniors at increased risk of malnourishment, with referral for a nutrition consult
  • Personalizes recommendations for care to optimize the senior’s health and their ability to successfully complete treatment for breast cancer
  • Provides a full report for the patient and family with a copy sent to the referring physician

Observational and Clinical Trials

Additionally, UH Seidman Cancer Center has ongoing observational and clinical trials for senior adults with breast cancer. At this time we have a study of whether trastuzumab is safe and effective for senior adults who cannot tolerate or are unwilling to undergo chemotherapy for breast cancer.