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Clinical Breast Cancer Research

Research at University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center Leads to Better Breast Cancer Care

UH Seidman Cancer Center in Cleveland, Ohio, has a long history of outstanding breast cancer research. Our highly qualified physician-scientists merge their broad clinical expertise with a deep understanding of the underlying molecular biology and genomics of breast cancer. These strengths in clinical and basic research allow our experts to offer breast cancer patients unique opportunities to enroll in leading-edge, personalized clinical trials.

Searching for Genomic Signatures

UH Seidman Cancer Center’s physician-scientists search for specific genomic signatures in all breast-specific clinical trial participants at entry to see if this will predict a benefit from the specific targeted therapy. Using a genomic fingerprint of a woman’s breast cancer, not just the determination of the presence or absence of receptors on the tumor cells, is the most advanced scientific approach to testing for markers that will predict benefit from therapy.

Leading-Edge Breast Cancer Clinical Trials

UH Seidman Cancer Center’s strengths in clinical and basic research provide patients with novel approaches to breast cancer treatment such as genomics and immunotherapy, including:

  • Our preoperative genomics study enrolls women with all types of receptor positive/negative stage 2 or 3 breast cancer. Women are offered preoperative therapy in an attempt to shrink the tumor and improve surgical outcome. The preoperative targeted treatment regimens will vary depending on the molecular subtype of cancer.
  • A trial of the new HER2 targeted therapy, TDM1, after completing preoperative therapy, is available for those patients where the tumor does not completely disappear at the time of surgery.
  • A novel breast cancer dendritic cell vaccine that generates an immune response against the blood vessels that feed a tumor rather than against the tumor itself. This may circumvent a tumor’s ability to develop resistance to immunotherapy.

Search for Current Cancer Clinical Trials

University Hospitals is an affiliate of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, a nationally recognized leader in clinical research. Cancer-specific clinical trials are available through UH Seidman Cancer Center, offering hundreds of clinical trials that can help lead to innovative treatment options. Learn more about clinical trials and opportunities to participate through the UH Seidman Cancer Center clinical trials database.