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Breast Cancer Genetics & Breast Cancer Genomics

University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center Offers Expert Understanding of Genetic Breast Cancers

Genomic medicine may become the future key to precise prediction of patient prognosis, optimal treatment, survival and quality of life. To personalize treatment for patients, UH Seidman Cancer Center focuses on the genetics and genomics of breast cancers. Our leading-edge breast cancer program blends our broad clinical experience with an expert understanding of molecular biology. In doing so, we are able to move toward whole genome sequencing to determine those who are potentially at higher risk of developing breast cancer.

Multidisciplinary Genomics Tumor Board

The UH Seidman Breast Cancer Program provides a unique Multidisciplinary Genomics Tumor Board for breast cancer patients, in which a team of experts that includes clinicians, molecular biologists and geneticists provide personalized recommendations based on tumor genome sequencing. The molecular abnormalities discovered by sequencing of breast cancers provide important targets that may respond to specific drug therapies. The tumor board provides recommendations to patients and their providers regarding what specific treatments and clinical trials may be best for that individual patient.

Personalized Medicine for Breast Cancer

Our breast cancer program is increasing opportunities for clinical research with new therapies and molecular technologies. In doing so, we are advancing the practice of personalized medicine for our breast cancer patients.