At University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital we have a longitudinal research curriculum that provides residents with both didactic education on clinical research skills and ample time and flexibility to complete meaningful scholarly work. Residents work on their projects throughout their residency and may use elective time in their final years of training to complete their work.

All residents produce and present a scholarly project before the end of residency. These projects include all types of scholarly work, including hypothesis-driven research, robust quality improvement projects, and educational scholarship. To ensure the success of our residents, we provide an annual didactic curriculum that includes topics from all facets of scholarly activity so that residents can take advantage of the information to build their research skills as their projects progress.


  • Introduction to Scholarly Activities
  • Searching the Literature
  • Research Study Design
  • Institutional Review Board Preparation
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Scholarship Dissemination – Where and How

In addition to didactic sessions, each resident chooses a faculty research mentor from our large, accomplished faculty.

Our curriculum culminates each year with our annual Science Day. This day-long research symposium gives our graduating residents the opportunity to present their work to their faculty and peers. In addition, many of our residents have had the opportunity to share their work at regional and national meetings.

We are proud to share a bibliography from our last year’s Science Day:

Implementation of an App-Based Curriculum to Strengthen Residents’ Knowledge of Evidence-Based Practices: A Feasibility Study
Rebecca Epstein, MD; Allison Osborne, MD; Ross Myers, MD; Jessica Goldstein, MD

GeneFix Fridays: Implementing a Weekly, Web-Based Curriculum to Educate Pediatric Residents About Genetics and Genome Sciences
Lauren Pronman, DO, Edwin Ferren, MD, Katherine Dempsey, MD, Aditi Parikh, MD, Anna Mitchell, MD, PHD

Creation of an Educational Tool to Aid in Resident Learning of Well Child Care
Alex Miksit, MD, Priya Edward, MD, Ross Myers, MD

Prevalence of Elevated Lead Levels in Children Ages One Through Five at the Rainbow Pediatric Practice
Bennett Smith, MD, Ross Myers, MD

Improving Thermoregulation in Transported Preterm Infants: A Quality Improvement Initiative
Lauren Culbertson, MD, Tara Glenn, MD, Gulgun Yalcinkaya, MD, Rhonda Price, RN, BSN

Reduction in Antacid Use in a Level IV NICU: A QI Project to Reduce Morbidity
Richelle Reinhart, MD, Jacquelyn McClary, PharmD, Mengqi Zhang, PharmD, Mary Nock, MD

Maternal Acceptability of Pediatrician Screening for Maternal Contraceptive Counseling Needs at Neonatal and Early Infant Pediatric Visits
Cheryl DuMond-Martinez, MD, MPH, Melanie Yates, BS, Carolyn Apperson-Hansen, MStat, Lydia Furman, MD

Infant Vitamin D Supplement Prescription Rates and Practices by Providers in an Academic Pediatric Practice
Noopur Jain, MD, MS, Lydia Furman, MD

Social Work Utilization Among Critically Ill Children of Varying Socioeconomic Status
Elyssa Faigen, MD, Katherine N. Slain, DO

Increased Free Water Usage in Children with Bronchiolitis is Associated with Longer Mechanical Ventilation
Rahul Damania, MD, Abigail Richard, BS, Katherine N. Slain, DO, Alexandre Rotta, MD, Steven L. Shein, MD

Trends in Neuropharmacologic Medications in Mechanically Ventilated Children with Medical Diseases
Allison M. Blatz, MD, Alexandre T. Rotta, MD, Deanne Wilson-Costello, MD, Steven L. Shein, MD

Acute Neuro-Functional Morbidity in Critical Bronchiolitis
Leya Saju, MD, Steven Shein, MD

Obesity Basics: Education and Prevention in a Pediatric Population
Hannah Jacobs, DO, Jennifer Schuster, MD, Courtney Batt, MD, Andrea Scioscia, MD, Janet Kramer, RD, Catherine Rodgers, RD, Rosanna Watowicz, RD, Ross Myers, MD

Antenatal Counseling in the Gray Zone of Decision-Making
Allison Osborne, MD, Rebecca Fish, MD, Kristin Voos, MD

Survey of Pediatric Resident Comfort Level and Knowledge of the Diagnosis and Management of Common Mental Health Disorders
Samantha Siedlecki, MD, Shanna Kralovic, DO

Pediatric Resident Exposure to Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Resources in Continuity Clinic
Priscilla Amoah, MD, Marie Clark, MD, Rebecca Hazen, MD

Impact of Parenting Workshop on Stress Levels in Resident Parents
Olga Guzovsky, MD, Lauren Beene, MD, Jamel Brown, MD, Jessica Goldstein, MD, Marie Clark, MD, Sarah Nagle-Yang, MD, Katherine Rosenblum, PhD, Maria Muzik, MD

Cardioversion in Preterm and Term Neonates with Atrial Flutter
Hannah Jacobs, DO, Julian Cameron, MD, Christopher Snyder, MD

Appropriate Use of Echocardiography for Palpitations in Pediatric Cardiology Clinics
Saloni Sheth, MD, Munes Fares, MD, Sandra Kikano, MD, Carolyn M. Wilhelm, MD, Andrew L. Dodgen, MD

Diagnostic Yield of Echocardiography in Children with Newly Diagnosed Ventricular Pre-Excitation
Sandra Kikano, MD, Munes Fares, MD, Saloni P. Sheth, MD, Sarah T. Plummer, MD, Carolyn M. Wilhelm, MD, Christopher S. Snyder, MD

Outcomes and Healthcare Utilization of Children with Mucopolysaccharidosis with and without Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
Cara Beth Carr, MD, Jignesh Dalal, MD

Evaluation of New Hematology-Oncology Self-Study Curriculum for 1st and 2nd Year Pediatric Residents
Colleen Begley, MD, Irina Pateva, MD

Preventing Food Allergy Reactions at Restaurants: Comparing Strategies Used Between Reactors and Non-Reactors
Justine Ade, MD, Leigh Ann Kerns, MD, Abigail Glick, MD, Carolyn Apperson

A Comparison of Group Well Child Care (CenteringParenting) to Individual Well Child Care
Dania Safi, MD, Kayllie Wang, MD, Sofie Whitticar, Marie Masotya, MPH, Mireille Boutry, MD, Sarah Ronis, MD, MPH

Safety and Efficiency of Pediatric Endoscopy Amongst a Tertiary Care Hospital Operating Room (OR), Community Hospital OR, and Ambulatory Endoscopy Unit
Erin Crawford, MD, Ali Khalili, MD, Thomas J. Sferra, MD

Pediatric Reflexes: Back to the Bedside Teaching Fundamental Skills for Performing a Reflex Exam in Children
Monica Rondinelli, MD, Jessica Goldstein, MD, Nancy Bass, MD

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