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Delivering State-of-the Art Care with a Family Focus

The pediatric endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism experts at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s are nationally known for providing quality care based on the latest innovations in research. We offer access to promising new treatments for children, adolescents and young adults who are battling with diabetes, growth issues, obesity and other endocrine disorders. This passion, along with our commitment to collaboration, allows us to redefine the standard of care in endocrinology–for both the common and rare conditions our children face.

Putting the Family Front and Center

The care and management of some endocrine conditions like diabetes take a robust commitment from both parents and families. You must regularly monitor your child’s physical readings, watch their diet and exercise, administer medications and manage any medical equipment and technology they use. One of our top priority is ensuring patients and their families understand exactly what their role is in staying healthy and safe. Our certified nurse educators will guide you and your child through endocrine disorders treatment and a customized plan and fully explain the parts you will play in fighting these types of diseases. These educators undergo a rigorous training program to stay current in the latest care methods and have vast expertise in how to teach them to others. Our nurse educators become like family, knowing you and your child and supporting you through the challenges that you may face along the way.

Throughout endocrine treatment you may have questions about different endocrine therapies, care options and outcomes. You may have concerns about diet and exercise, what you can do to help lessen your child’s risk and what life will look like now and in the future. We encourage you to reach out to one of our endocrinologists with any questions. Nothing is off limits, and any question is a good one. Even if we can’t give you an answer right away, we are committed to finding one and will collaborate as a team to get to the bottom of the issue at hand.

Offering Evidence-based Endocrine System Treatments from Research

Through our affiliation with Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital is awarded significant grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other regional and national organizations to advance the care of children. We participate in several landmark studies with other nationally ranked health centers across the country, setting the standard of care for many endocrine conditions. Our pediatric endocrinologists also hold leadership positions in regional and national organizations, such as the standards setting board for diabetes care. This deep commitment and involvement in the endocrinology field ensure we are at the forefront of treatment and can bring this knowledge to our patients and their families.

Using Modern Technology to Enable Better Endocrine Therapy

Technology is constantly evolving, and we use the latest tools to help our patients more easily manage the day-to-day challenges of their conditions. For example, some of our patients who are at high-risk for dangerous drops in blood sugar wear glucose monitors that measure their glucose levels 24 hours a day, sending an alarm when there is a change in levels. Not only do these guarantee a quick response to a worrisome situation, they also let parents and children rest easy that the condition is well managed–even when they are asleep.

We partner with insurance companies to ensure our patients have access to the latest technology options. When treatments or therapies are not specifically approved for children, our endocrinology specialists work closely with various insurance companies to help them understand the value and importance of these critical tools and therapies.

Round-the-Clock Availability for Disease Management Assistance

As your child progresses towards healthy disease management, situations could arise in which you need assistance. Oftentimes, these don’t happen during a scheduled appointment. Our team of endocrinologists is available 24/7, 365 days a year to assist. Whether it’s during the day when the school nurse calls saying your child is not feeling well or the middle of the night when something just doesn’t feel right, we are here to guide you through any issues, offering medical knowledge, but also comfort and support. During business hours, our clinical nurse educators stand by, ready to respond to any issues questions you may have. They can review blood sugar readings and make medication adjustments over the phone, if needed. Our dedicated endocrinology after-hours line is also a valuable resource, getting you the support needed, exactly when you need it.

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Learn more about the expertise and experience of our multidisciplinary team of pediatric endocrinology specialists and the unique family-centered care we provide for children of all ages.