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Evidence-Based Treatment for Pediatric Orthopaedic Conditions

Children’s bodies are very different from adults, particularly in regard to the growing musculoskeletal system. These unique characteristics make specialized care and evidence-based medicine extremely important for babies, children, adolescents and teenagers with bone, muscle or joint conditions. At University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s, we are dedicated to improving outcomes for children through our use of clinical data and safety standards. With our own robust orthopedic-based data, we are able to provide highly specialized care that is tailored to children’s growing bodies. We focus on constant improvement and innovation so we can provide the highest quality care to families across the state of Ohio and beyond.

The World’s Largest Single Center Spine Database

As one of the oldest and most experienced pediatric orthopedic programs, we have amassed a huge quantity of clinical data – including the world’s largest single center spine database. In addition, we participate in national databases for spinal deformity, early onset scoliosis, fracture care and external fixation. By looking at previous patient information and outcomes, we can monitor trends and identify better processes and protocols for our current and future patients. Driven by our mission to continuously improve outcomes for patients, our team regularly assesses our clinical results.

By analyzing clinical information, we are able to develop the optimal path of care for any musculoskeletal condition. Our results have been published world-wide, and used as best practices by other pediatric orthopedic programs.

One of the Lowest Infection Rates in the U.S.

Our UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s pediatric orthopedic team regularly creates new protocols and processes to improve care quality, such as infection prevention. By monitoring which factors have affected infection rates over time, the care team established protocols that have significantly prevented them. We now have one of the lowest infection rates in the U.S. Additional protocols developed by the Rainbow orthopedic team include blood loss management and pain management.

A Legacy of Safety and a Commitment to Better Outcomes

The UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s orthopedic program has a rich history of safety. Some of the earliest pediatric spinal surgeries were performed at University Hospitals, and one of the techniques that makes spine surgery immensely safer – called neuro-monitoring – was invented right here at Rainbow. The technique is now used worldwide, and it applies to both pediatrics and adults.

More recently, UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s has invested in Firefly technology. This highly advanced technology is a game-changer for spinal surgery. It allows surgeons to create an exact anatomic guide of an individual patient and enables our team to place pedicle screws perfectly. Pedicle screws are used to add extra strength and support to the spine and typically require a long surgery. With Firefly, our surgeons can shave hours off of the surgery time. This saves children from extensive anesthesia exposure and other risks associated with a longer surgery.

We also use magnetic growing rods, or MAGnetic Expansion Control (MAGEC), in lieu of invasive surgery. Traditional growing rods must be adjusted surgically to keep up with a child’s growing body, which often requires surgery every three to six months. With MAGEC, the rods can be lengthened without surgery by using magnets outside the body during an outpatient visit. This results in a life-changing and superior experience for the child and family.

UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s continues to innovate and improve outcomes through our commitment to safety and quality.