Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

The PICU is a 21 bed combined medical-surgical unit which cares for more than 1500 critically ill children each year.

An attending intensivist from the Division of Pediatric Critical Care coordinates all care, in close cooperation with the child's primary pediatrician & medical & surgical subspecialists.

Admission to the PICU can be arranged through Pediatric Intensive Care Transport Service at 216-844-1111. For specific information or consultation with the intensive care physicians, please call 216-844-3310.

PICU Orientation Information

  • To protect patients from infection, please wash your hands often.
  • Side rooms and isolation rooms in the PICU enable one parent to spend the night. Other sleeping accommodations for parents are available, but limited; ask the family liaison or secretary for details.
  • Parents and guardians may visit 24 hours a day. Relatives, friends and siblings may visit from 8 am to 8 pm. Please discuss sibling visits with your child's nurse or child life specialist.
  • Please use the brown phone just outside the PICU family entrance to access the PICU. This ensures the safety and confidentiality of all patients and families in the PICU.
  • Parents, guardians and other family members are encouraged to participate in their child's care as much as is comfortable. Please ask if you have any questions—24 hours a day.
  • The Pediatric Sedation Unit (PSU), a special area run by PICU staff, is designed to assure your child's comfort and recovery before and after special tests and procedures. It is located on the 6th floor of Rainbow.
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