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Safety Squad Offers Health and Science Programs for Elementary Students

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The safety experts at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital’s Injury Prevention Center bring high energy, interactive assemblies to schools on a variety of health education and healthy living topics. These fast – paced assemblies engage kids by incorporating science, physics, and health concepts to help children discover how injuries and illness occur, and how our choices can prevent injuries and promote personal health.

Germ Awareness/Hand Hygiene

Disease Defenders (grades K – 2): Kids learn the basics of what germs are, how they get into our bodies and make us sick, and what we can do to keep from getting infected or protect the people around us when we do get sick.

Germ Warriors (grades 3 – 5): Learn about bacteria and viruses and how they spread, and how we can protect ourselves and the people around us through hands – on experiments and interactive demonstrations.

Motor Vehicle Safety

The Science of Kids in Cars (grades K – 2): Explore motor vehicle crash physics and the importance of seat belts and booster seats.

Egg – Cellent Adventures in Crash Physics (grades 3 – 5): Basic physics concepts help kids understand how seat belts protect motor vehicle passengers.

Sports Safety

Stay Healthy and Stay in the Game (grades 3 – 5): Hands on introduction to the fundamentals of sports safety, from warming up to hydration to safety equipment.

Physical Activity

Get Up and Move! (grades K – 5): Kids learn the importance of getting at least 60 minutes of exercise daily and find out how fun staying active can be.

Bicycle Safety

Protecting Your Amazing Brain (grades 1 – 5): Kids learn about bicycle safety by exploring concepts like momentum, transfer of energy, and sound localization.

Character Building

Everyday Heroes: Standing Up for the Things We Believe In (grades 1 – 5): A small group workshop designed for kids to explore what character means and take part in fun games, activities, and role play to better understand why and how to make kind choices. This interactive presentation aids children in enhancing empathy skills and understanding how our words and actions affect others.

Water Safety

Swim Safe (grades K – 2): Younger kids learn the basics of staying safe in and around water.

Think, Don't Sink (grades 3 – 5): Kids learn and practice the fundamentals of pool, beach, and boating safety.

Fire Safety

Fired Up! (grades 1 – 5): Students learn about fire safety by exploring the science behind how fires start, how to prevent them, and how to safely escape a burning building.

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To learn more, explore pricing options, or schedule a session for your school, contact the Rainbow Injury Prevention Center at 216-983-1110.

The UH Rainbow Safety Squad is made possible through a grant from Cleveland Cliffs Foundation.