Congenital Heart Disease Information and Resources

When parents learn that their child has a congenital heart defect, they have many questions. The experts at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital understand these concerns and want to provide as much information as possible. Therefore, answers to the most frequently asked questions are provided here.

In addition, the Family and Child Life Services Department provides a variety of support services to congenital heart patients and their families throughout their care journey. Services range from physical and emotional support, to educational resources for school-age children, to visits from our certified pet therapy animals – all designed to enhance the patient experience.

Stories of Successful Outcomes

Babies with congenital heart disease and their parents receive expert, compassionate care from our team of specialists before and after birth. Detecting congenital heart problems while the baby is still in utero, enables the physicians to plan ahead for their care after birth and provide support and education to prepare the parents for what lies ahead. The following stories tell of parents facing a frightening diagnosis for their child, the care they received and, ultimately, their happy endings.

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