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Leroy W Matthews Cystic Fibrosis Center

Center and Pediatric Program Director
Erica Roesch, MD

Associate Pediatric Program Director
Ross Myers, MD

Adult Program Director
Alex H. Gifford, MD, FCCP

Associate Adult Program Director
Olivia Giddings, MD, PhD

Program Coordinator
Ankica Katic, CNP216-844-3267

Additional Contact
Georgene McReynolds, RN |  216-844-3421

For hospital transfers, please call 216-844-1111.

Diagnostic Procedures

  • Sweat testing in Cystic Fibrosis Foundation-accredited laboratory
  • Nasal epithelial mucosal brushing, curettage and cell culture
  • Flexible bronchoscopy with bronchoalveolar lavage, mucosal brushing and biopsy
  • CFTR gene sequencing
  • Exhaled nitric oxide measurements
  • Exhaled breath condensate
  • Esophageal pH monitoring
  • Multiple breath washout
  • Microbiology laboratory qualified for CF cultures
  • Nasal transepithelial potential difference testing
  • Percutaneous allergy extract skin testing
  • Polysomnogram and limited channel sleep studies
  • Pulmonary function testing, including spirometry, plethysmography, impedance oscillometry, bronchoprovocation with cold air, exercise, and methacholine, and infant pulmonary function testing
  • Arterial blood gas monitoring
  • Radiographic services including angiography, computerized tomographic, nuclear and magnetic resonance imaging
  • Sputum induction

Therapies and Services

  • Specialized respiratory therapy
  • Advanced interventions (flexible bronchoscopy, thoracic surgery, lung transplantation)
  • Genetic and prenatal counseling
  • Comprehensive newborn screening program for cystic fibrosis

Distinguishing Features

  • One of the first CF centers in the country, active for nearly 60 years
  • One of the original seven Cystic Fibrosis Therapeutics Development Centers
  • Designated as a Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Research Development Center
  • Newly diagnosed patients have an office visit within 24 hours
  • Highly collaborative team, including pulmonologists, gastroenterologists, psychologists, endocrinologists, dietitians, social workers, nurses and respiratory therapists
  • Home treatment program
  • Specialized cystic fibrosis inpatient unit for adults
  • Highly active in clinical trials for new cystic fibrosis therapies – has been involved in bringing nearly every new medication to market in the past 20 years
  • Offers typically more than 25 active CF clinical trials at any time
  • Works closely with basic scientists to conduct translational research
  • Associated with one of the largest, most established fellowship programs in pediatric pulmonology
  • Patients and research participants seen at the state-of-the-art KC and Ginny Bryan Pulmonary Diagnostic Center