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Clinical Pathways

At University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, a clinical practice guideline (CPG) is a systematically developed statement to assist practitioners in making patient care decisions about managing and treating a particular problem or clinical condition. Clinical practice guidelines help guide decisions to improve diagnostic accuracy and therapeutic effectiveness based on the best evidence available and expert opinion. Clinical practice guidelines (including summaries and pathways) do not set the standard of care and should not be the course of care. Each physician/practitioner must use their independent judgment in managing any specific patient and is responsible, in consultation with the patient or the patient’s family, to make the ultimate judgment regarding care.

If you have questions about the Evidence-Based Practice Program at Rainbow or the development of our CPGs please contact us at RainbowEBPprogram@uhhospitals.org

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Practice recommendations are based upon the evidence available at the time the clinical practice guidance was developed and are for informational purposes only. They are current at the date of publication and are reviewed on a regular basis to align with the best evidence. Printed documents expire 24 hours from the date printed. Please check this site regularly for updates. All files are in PDF format.


Outpatient Screening and Treatment for Pediatric Anxiety Disorders - Full Guideline (Posted: 4/2024)
Outpatient Screening and Treatment for Pediatric Anxiety Disorders Algorithm (Posted: 4/2024)
Anxiety Disorders. What Parents Need to Know - Patient Information (Posted: 4/2024)
Treatment for Anxiety in Children and Teens - Patient Information (Posted: 4/2024)
SCARED Questionnaire for Children and Adolescents (Posted: 5/2024)
SCARED Questionnaire for Parents (Posted: 5/2024)
SCARED Scoring for Providers (Posted: 5/2024)
GAD Anxiety Screening (Posted: 5/2024)
GAD Scoring for Providers (Posted: 5/2024)
Counseling Resources (Posted: 5/2024)


Acute Asthma Exacerbation – Emergency Department (Posted: 6/2022)
Asthma Diagnosis and Management – Outpatient (Posted: 6/2022)
Asthma Home Management Plan (Posted: 6/2022)
Viral Wheezing Plan – Fluticasone (Posted: 6/2022)
Viral Wheezing Plan – Budesonide (Posted: 6/2022)


Bronchiolitis Initial Evaluation and Management - Full Guideline (Posted: 5/2024)
Bronchiolitis Primary Care or Urgent Care (Posted: 5/2024)
Bronchiolitis Emergency Department (Posted: 5/2024)
Bronchiolitis Inpatient (Posted: 5/2024)