Education & Training

OTO Conference

In-depth Faculty Involvement in all Aspects of Training

Faculty and residents work side by side through rotations, in clinics, operating suites and during educational conferences at all locations. Our culture ensures that training is directed by and coordinated closely through our faculty.

Simulation Training

More than 14 different hands-on workshops are available for our residents to augment their didactic and operative training. These resident-led workshops are provided as an adjunct to lecture schedule with protected time for residents during the work week and include:

  • Cadaveric surgical dissection
  • Fillers/injectables
  • Laryngeal micro laryngoscopy
  • Microvascular and trauma plating
  • Sinus endoscopy and allergy
  • Temporal bone training

Otolaryngology Consortium Lectures

The Otolaryngology Consortium Lecture series provided didactic learning for trainees during the unprecedented changes Covid-19 brought to educating our residents.

ENT Boot Camp

An extensive ENT Boot Camp experience is specifically designed for incoming PGY1 and PGY2 residents. The Boot Camp offers resident-directed didactic sessions, along with clinical practice in surgical simulation environments.

Resident Research

In addition to hands on clinical training, the residents participate in an in-depth research curriculum which culminates in the writing of a CORE style Grant and submission prior to their PGY 3 research rotation.

Global Health

Residents have the opportunity to participate in a global health elective in Uganda. This is an opportunity to provide care in an under developed country with limited medical resources. Residents find the rotation exceedingly productive and a great educational opportunity.

Resident Wellness

Resident wellness is particularly important given the rigors of five years of ENT training. Time off is allowed for residents to obtain their own medical, dental and vision care. Additionally, there is an annual resident wellness retreat held off-site where we focus on issues around physical and mental resilience and wellness.

Time and Financial Assistance

Time and financial assistance are provided in the PGY3 and PGY5 resident years to attend national meetings, either the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery or the Combined Otolaryngological Spring Meetings. The department sponsors residents presenting at other meetings who have accepted podium presentations.