ENT Boot Camp

An extensive ENT Boot Camp experience is specifically designed for incoming PGY1 and PGY2 residents. However, it is an expansive experience designed to incorporate residents at multiple years of training. The ENT Boot Camp occurs in July and affords resident-directed didactic sessions, along with clinical practice in surgical simulation environments. This may be in the surgical simulation lab, temporal bone lab or on the floors in an active simulation of an acute airway emergency with nursing. Multiple skill stations are present which cover the gamut of standard ENT emergent care. Residents will be exposed to this at several points in their training which offers them the opportunity to be learners and eventually teachers of their fellow residents.

ENT Boot Camp Skill Stations

The multiple skill stations in the ENT Boot Camp include:

  • Airway Foreign Body
  • Complex Scenarios
  • Epistaxis/Trauma Management
  • Flexible Laryngoscopy
  • Foreign Body Retrieval from Ear/Nose
  • Laser Safety
  • Mock ENT Emergency Scenario (residents/ENT nurses/attendings)
  • Non-surgical Airway
  • Oral Cavity/Head and Neck (neck hematomas, peritonsillar abscess, carotid blowout)
  • Surgical Airway
  • Suturing Skills