Resident Wellness

Resident wellness is particularly important given the rigors of five years of ENT training. Our Wellness program provides the following:

  • One half day per 6 months of time off is allowed for residents to obtain their own medical, dental and vision care.
  • A resident social chair coordinates quarterly resident driven social events. Some example of our social events are a bowling event at Pinstripes, ice skating at Wade Oval, and a Guardians baseball game.
  • Quarterly sessions are held with a faculty member to explore the ‘Finding Meaning in Medicine’ wellness and resilience program.

Additionally, there is an annual wellness retreat held off-site where we focus on issues around physical and mental resilience and wellness. Prior events have included standup paddleboarding at a local lake, zip-lining, team building activities such as “egg drop” and yoga sessions. Opportunities for hiking, team sports and outdoor activities are always included. Both residents and faculty participate in this annual event.