Residency Program

Case Western Reserve University/University Hospitals is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education to accept six categorical orthopaedic surgery candidates each year. They are chosen through the NRMP matching program.

Applicants to our program have two match options. This includes our traditional five year track (5 residents per match) and a six year research track (1 residents per match). The six year track includes a protected year (The Allen Fellowship) prior to the intern year to concentrate on research, free from clinical duties. Applicants may rank the two tracks in any order they please. The purpose of the separate matches is to give as much control to the applicant as possible, and to allow the applicant ample time to plan and prepare for the Allen Fellowship year.

The Match NRMP Program Code
Residency Track (5 year Program) 1552260C0
Research Track (6 year Program) 1552260C2

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