Residency Experience

Case Western Reserve University is at the forefront of much of the orthopaedic research being conducted in the United States and abroad. In fact, the residency training experience at Case Western Reserve University is designed to be fulfilling, educational and preparatory. Living and working in Cleveland allows residents a broad range of professional experiences, from outpatient to inpatient and surgical, as well as a breadth of memorable life experiences.

Patient care is provided on a team basis with residents carrying a major share of the responsibility. Residents have degrees of responsibility and participation in surgery commensurate with their level of training and ability.

Operative Experience

The faculty of the department believes that a firm understanding of orthopaedic surgery is a result of interactive learning, and an intense, hands-on surgical experience. Our graduates consistently report that they feel well qualified to handle the practices they enter.

Outpatient Experience

The outpatient clinics provide the majority of resident exposure to the varied nuances of orthopaedics. Many of the clinics are resident-run, with attending faculty members supervising diagnoses and decisions. Private, faculty-run clinics allow residents to see outpatients with a faculty member in a one-on-one setting. Clinics are held in all affiliated facilities and comprise a part of each rotation.

Cleveland/Akron Orthopaedic Society

The Cleveland orthopaedic community is unique in its conduct of area-wide programs. Monthly continuing education programs in cooperation with the teaching hospitals in the community support not only the practicing orthopaedists, but also the resident and student programs of the community institutions. The programs bring to the city prominent orthopaedists from around the world. Membership in the Cleveland/Akron Orthopaedic Society is provided for each resident by the department.

Charles H. Herndon Alumni Society

All graduates of the program are inducted into the Charles H. Herndon Alumni Society. This organization provides an opportunity for alumni to maintain contact with each other, to share ideas and otherwise interact. In addition to a frequent newsletter and annual Academy dinners, biannual meetings are held throughout the United States and abroad.

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