Sadhvi Batra

Hometown: Bassfield, Mississippi

Undergraduate School: University of Alabama at Birmingham

Medical School: University of Alabama School of Medicine

Career/Research Interests: I initially became interested in reproductive health through sexual health education activism! This is still a passion of mine and something I hope to continue in residency! Currently, I'm very undecided about my career pursuits. Strongly thinking about Minimally Invasive Surgery v. Gyn Oncology

Personal Interests: Traveling and exploring new places, HIIT based workouts, watching loads of Netflix, audiobooks and going to parks, running (though this is very seasonal and very much a love/hate relationship), staying in touch with friends and family <3!>

What Movie or Show Could You Watch (or Book Could You Read) Over and Over Again? The entire Harry Potter series; To All The Boys I've Loved Before

Coffee or Tea? Both

Favorite Restaurant in Cleveland: Brassica

Favorite Thing to Do in Cleveland: Hanging out at The Flats or the Lake, exploring new places! Still trying to get to know this place!