Letter From Kim M. Puterbaugh, MD

Dr. Puterbaugh and patient

Kim Puterbaugh, MD

Residency Program Director

University Hospitals’ OB/GYN Residency program focuses on excellence with compassion, for our patients and ourselves. We encourage our residents to define and achieve their interests in women’s reproductive health, while providing exceptional care to women in our community. University Hospital is home to one of the country’s first hospitals dedicated exclusively to women, MacDonald Womens. We are proud to carry forward a strong tradition of innovation, service and advocacy with our “MacHouse” family.

UH Rainbow Center for Women & Children houses our state-of-the-art resident clinic, designed in collaboration with patients, centered on their unique needs. Patients can access services, including mental health, dental, social work, pharmacy and food assistance, within steps of their exam room. The building boasts an award-winning, platinum LEED-certified, light-filled design, which stands as a statement of our respect for our patients.

Obstetric training is centered in a busy labor and delivery service at our main campus in downtown Cleveland, OH. Our residents collaborate with our OB/GYN faculty and large midwifery services on low-risk patient care and our maternal-fetal medicine specialists for high-risk patients and transfers from throughout the University Hospitals system. We have recently added a rotation focused on complex cesarean sections and medically challenging postpartum patients, to help residents hone these skills and clinical management. Residents progress through their four years with graduated responsibility for patient care, including teaching junior residents and medical students, as part of University Hospital’s mission: “To Heal. To Teach. To Discover”.

Our robust gynecology service includes opportunities to work with generalists, MIGS trained specialists and surgical sub-specialists from reproductive endocrinology and inferitlity (REI), gynecologic oncology and urogynecology. Residents begin at orientation with simulation and progress to complex surgical skills, including certification in Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery. They benefit from the opportunity to care for gynecologic patients and participate in best-in-class training in gynecologic surgery performed throughout the hospitals in our system. They graduate with a sound knowledge of anatomy and laparoscopic, hysteroscopic and robotic techniques.

The UH program is home to all four accredited fellowships. This allows our residents to explore their interests, participate in research and make professional connections to pursue further sub-specialty training, if they choose. We also participate in the Ryan program and provide residents the opportunity to participate in complex family planning care.

MacHouse has a long tradition of advocacy for our patients, our community and our world. Residents provide sexual health education in local high schools and encourage voter registration. Our department has established the WONDOOR program, an OB/GYN residency in Georgetown, Guyana, with resident exchanges. Residents also have the opportunity to become Global Scholars, a certification encouraging residents to think broadly about healthcare systems for women throughout the world.

Finally, the heart of our program is our committed, passionate residents. OB/GYN residency comes with the high-stakes responsibility and privilege of caring for women throughout their lives. Our residents thrive in this challenging role due to their commitment to caring for each other, through Friday night field hockey games, cookbook potlucks or kayaking together.

We look forward to meeting you and showing you all MacHouse has to offer.

About Dr. Puterbaugh

Dr. PuterbaughHometown: Unclear – I grew up on four continents
Medical School: Johns Hopkins SOM
Career/Research Interests: Becoming Residency Program Director!
Personal Interests: Writing, international travel, photography, musicals, being a mom of twins. (Not in order of importance)
Movie: Casablanca and Spitfire Grille
Books: A Gentleman in Moscow and All the Light We Cannot See
Musical (though you didn’t ask): HAMILTON
Coffee or Tea: Earl Grey tea (from growing up in London)
Favorite restaurant in Cleveland: Barrio for crazy unique tacos, Pier W for special occasions
Favorite Thing to do in Cleveland: Watch a show at Playhouse Square