History of UH MacDonald Women’s Hospital

  • 1891: Maternity Home of Cleveland Association is established in a house to provide obstetrical services and care for women throughout Cleveland.Maternity Hospital
  • 1892: Maternity Home is renamed Maternity Hospital of Cleveland and establishes eight prenatal clinics to serve the poor throughout the city.
  • 1908: Calvina MacDonald, a nurse and former schoolteacher, moves from Boston and begins working at Lakeside Hospital in Cleveland.
  • 1914: Calvina MacDonald is named Superintendent of Maternity Hospital
  • 1925: Through a joint fundraising campaign with Babies and Children's Hospital, a new Maternity Hospital in University Circle is constructed. In the same year, Babies and Children's Hospital, the Maternity Hospital, and Lakeside Hospital join to form University Hospitals of Cleveland.UH MacDonald Women's Hospital
  • 1933: Calvina MacDonald retires as assistant director of University Hospitals Maternity Hospital having instituted new standards of cleanliness, new equipment, strict discipline, and a new attitude toward patients - changes that are credited for the radical reduction in maternal and infant mortality rates over the preceding two decades
  • 1936: Maternity Hospital is rededicated as MacDonald Hospital for Women