Haven Clinic Provides a Medical Home for Child Trafficking Survivors

University Hospitals Rainbow Center for Women & Children is proud to offer specialized services to victims and survivors of human trafficking.

Haven Mission and Vision

Trafficking survivors have experienced complex trauma and have unique health issues as a result of their victimization. This population is vulnerable to re-traumatization through encounters with health care professionals. Providing trauma informed care to trafficking survivors is becoming accepted as a best practice nationwide to help this population obtain the long-term healthcare they need.

The Haven Clinic is a medical home for child trafficking victims and survivors that utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to providing long-term trauma informed care.

This clinic serves children and teenagers who have been identified as human trafficking victims or survivors. Our health care providers and staff are trained on both human trafficking and trauma informed care. We provide comprehensive primary care services, address acute concerns and provide referrals to specialists when needed. We also collaborate with our mental health providers to meet the holistic health needs of our patients. The clinic is located at the UH Rainbow Center for Women & Children, allowing our patients to benefit from the wide range of multidisciplinary services and community partnerships the center offers.

We welcome any youth with a history of present or previous trafficking to make an appointment at our clinic. We also see children of trafficked individuals for long term well child care.

Services Provided

Services offered at the Haven Clinic include:

  • Primary health care & Comprehensive health screening
  • Acute health concerns
  • Sexual health management
    o STD treatment
    o Birth control management
    o Referral for OB/GYN services
  • Mental health screening and connection to long-term outpatient mental health care
  • Referral to specialized medical care in all pediatric subspecialties
  • Dental
  • Optometry
  • Social work
  • Legal services
  • On-site pharmacy
  • Nutrition and WIC

24/7 Appointment Scheduling

We are currently accepting patient referrals. To make an appointment, email havenclinic@uhhospitals.org with patient name, age and your contact information.

Our clinic staff will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.