A Centering Pregnancy Experience, Designed with Your Needs in Mind

Rainbow Interdisciplinary Substance Exposure (RISE) is a mother and child program that brings a team-based approach to care for mothers who have or are currently experiencing addiction.

More Information

Eligible mothers who are interested in participating can join this program at any time during their pregnancy. For more information, please call our RISE Coordinators at 216-675-6770 or e-mail RISE@UHhospitals.org.

What is RISE?

Rainbow Interdisciplinary Substance Exposure (RISE) is a model of group care specifically designed for expecting moms who have an addiction or are currently in recovery.

RISE is a team of health care professionals, specializing in women’s health, addiction medicine, pediatrics, mental and behavioral health who walk with mom through their pregnancy and parenting journey. An individualized approach to care is created in partnership with program participants, creating opportunities to overcome barriers that lead to better health and well-being.

Moms will receive:

  • Health checks
  • Customized education about addiction and recovery during pregnancy
  • Mental health services and connections to community partners while building a support system of professionals and mothers along the same journey

RISE Pediatric Program

Once moms deliver, the family will be invited to continue their journey through our RISE Peds program.

Families will receive:

  • Comprehensive pediatric primary care
  • Ongoing community resources and support
  • Consultative services with mental and behavioral health professionals

RISE Peds includes additional support from RISE-Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics and Psychology (DBPP), a pediatric specialty clinic that provides an in-depth evaluation of children exposed to substances prenatally. This evaluation includes:

  • Medical, developmental and learning evaluations
  • Behavioral therapy and medication treatment options
  • Connection to community services and supports