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Services at UH Rainbow Center for Women & Children

Health care services offered at UH Rainbow Center for Women & Children include outpatient pregnancy care, general OB/GYN services, and general pediatrics and adolescent medicine. The center also provides ample community and educational space for programs designed with a focus on prevention and total health needs.

Services and features of the center include:

LGBTQIA+ Services

UH Rainbow Center for Women & Children is proud to offer expertise in caring for the LGBTQIA+ community. Our team includes pediatric and adolescent medicine primary care providers and specialists in pediatric endocrinology, all of whom have expertise in issues that can affect LBGTQIA+ children and teens, as well as those who are questioning and/or exploring their gender identity. We offer comprehensive services to ensure that each patient has the care and support they need for their physical, mental, social and emotional well-being. To learn more, please visit our LGBTQIA+ services page.

Human Trafficking Support Services

UH Rainbow Center for Women & Children is now offering specialized primary care and subspecialty referral services for victims and survivors of human trafficking. Our innovative approach integrates trauma informed care into every visit in order to provide compassionate, accessible care for human trafficking survivors and works to reduce re-traumatization. To learn more, please visit our Human Trafficking Services page.

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