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University Hospitals offers these health and safety services to local businesses and organizations to assist in reopening and recovery efforts. Contact us today for services tailored to your needs.

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COVID-19 Hotline

Quick access when employee screening results are positive.

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Provides immediate access to a University Hospitals COVID-19 hotline for instant medical advice and direction if an employee screening produces a positive result.

Clinical Review of Reopening Plans

Evaluation by UH safety officers and infection control nurses.

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University Hospitals safety officers and infection control nurses will provide a clinical review and certification of your organization's plans for reopening, providing feedback and recommendations to strengthen and improve your proposed guidelines.


Focused clinical and safety information from UH experts.

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University Hospitals experts, including physicians, Advanced Practice Providers and safety officers, provide their clinical and safety expertise in live-streamed, moderated presentations that focus on best practices for safely reopening your business or organization with tailored information and real-time responses.

N95 Mask Fitting

Professional, individualized fitting of protective equipment.

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University Hospitals Occupational Health nurses will perform individualized fittings of N95 respirators, a respiratory protective device, to achieve a close facial fit and efficient filtration of airborne particles by ensuring the edges of the respirator form a seal around the nose and mouth for maximum protection of your employees.

Entryway Screenings

Employee screening at entrances by a UH caregiver.

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University Hospital health care providers will administer COVID-19 screenings to employees at entrances to your organization's workplace. Masked caregivers will take temperatures using infrared thermometers, inquire as to recent travel and symptoms, and have hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies and educational materials on hand.

Site Visits and Consultations

UH infection control specialists provide guidance on distancing, PPE and cleaning.

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University Hospital infection control specialists, which include environmental health and safety specialists, industrial hygienists and chemical safety officers, conduct in-person site visits to determine engineering and physical distancing solutions, provide cleaning recommendations and advise on how to properly use and dispose of personal protective equipment.

Chief Health Officer-in-Residence

Dedicated clinical resource to address ongoing needs.

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A University Hospitals physician or Advanced Practice Provider will serve as a dedicated clinical resource to provide quick, reliable and informed medical advice and information for your organization's ongoing needs regarding COVID-19.

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