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Covid-19 Research at UH

University Hospitals has a proud history of leading the way through innovation and research. As we face the unknown with COVID-19, it is inspiring that UH and the biomedical industry is coming together and assembling a variety of novel and innovative ideas to seek solutions to prevent, treat, and cure COVID-19.

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Actively Recruiting Studies & Trials

UH COVID-19 Biorepository

PI: Grace McComsey, MD

COVID-19 Longhauler Study

PI: Grace McComsey, MD

COVID-19 Children's Study

PI: Grace McComsey, MD

Effect of Covid-19 on Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia with Lewy Bodies, and Alzheimer’s

PI: Steven Gunzler, MD

COVID-19 Impact on Pregnancy & Postpartum Health

PI: Erika Kelley, PhD

Adolescent Depression Measured by qeeG Technology

PI: Molly McVoy, MD

Evaluation of Cardiopulmonary Reserve in Recovering COVID-19 Patients

PI: Sadeer Al-Kindi, MD

Lung Immunity to COVID-19

PI: Richard Silver, MD

Studies & Trials Not Actively Recruiting


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Stronger Together
University Hospitals and Cleveland Clinic – COVID-19 Observations, Lessons Learned, Partnership and Roadmap for the Future.
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UH COVID-19 Research Publications

Characterizing COVID-19 Presentation and Clinical Outcomes in HIV Patients in the U.S.
George A. Yendewa, MD, Jaime Abraham Perez, PhD, Kayla Schlick, MS, Heather Tribout, BS, Grace McComsey, MD

Pediatric Patients with SARS-CoV-2 Infection: Clinical Characteristics in the United States from a Large Global Health Research Network
Ankita Desai, MD, Alexandra Mills, MBA, Sarah Delozier, PhD, Claudia Cabrera Aviles, MD, Amy Edwards, MD, Sahera Dirajlal-Fargo, DO, and Grace McComsey, MD

Clinical Characteristics, Hospitalization and Mortality Rates of COVID-19 among Liver Transplant Patients in the United States: A Multi-Center Research Network Study
Emad Mansoor, MD, Abe Perez, PhD, Mohannad Abou-Saleh, MD, Seth Sclair, MD, Stanley Cohen, MD, Gregory Cooper, MD, Alexandra Mills, MBA, Kayla Schlick, MS, and Ahmad Kahn, MD

Incidence of Bell Palsy in Patients With COVID-19
Akina Tamaki, MD, Claudia I. Cabrera, MD, Shawn Li, MD, Cyrus Rabbani, MD, Jason E. Thuener, MD, Rod P. Rezaee, MD, Nicole Fowler, MD