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Covid-19 Research at UH

University Hospitals has a proud history of leading the way through innovation and research. As we face the unknown with COVID-19, it is inspiring that UH and the biomedical industry is coming together and assembling a variety of novel and innovative ideas to seek solutions to prevent, treat, and cure COVID-19.

Interested in Participating in a COVID-19 Study or Trial?

Learn more about participating in COVID-19 research studies and clinical trials by browsing our actively recruiting studies & trials below.

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Actively Recruiting Studies & Trials

UH COVID-19 Biorepository

PI: Grace McComsey, MD

COVID-19 Longhauler Study

PI: Grace McComsey, MD

COVID-19 Children's Study

PI: Grace McComsey, MD

COVID-19 and POTS Study

PI: Kamal Chemali, MD

Effect of Covid-19 on Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia with Lewy Bodies, and Alzheimer’s

PI: Steven Gunzler, MD

COVID-19 Impact on Pregnancy & Postpartum Health

PI: Erika Kelley, PhD

Adolescent Depression Measured by qeeG Technology

PI: Molly McVoy, MD

Evaluation of Cardiopulmonary Reserve in Recovering COVID-19 Patients

PI: Sadeer Al-Kindi, MD

Lung Immunity to COVID-19

PI: Richard Silver, MD

Studies & Trials Not Actively Recruiting


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