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Cardiovascular Phenomics Core

The Cardiovascular Phenomics Core is an independent academic research organization in Cleveland, Ohio.

Our experts provide:

  • Unbiased analysis and interpretation of cardiac imaging studies for device and pharmaceutical research trials
  • Consulting and research trial expertise on imaging-based endpoints for the assessment of cardiac or peripheral medical devices at all phases of development
  • Turnkey services for the development and implementation of novel, emerging imaging-based surrogates in clinical trials

Our research team consists of physician-scientists and medical doctors specializing in cardiovascular phenomics. Since its inception in 2007, our team has participated in developing, testing and improving of multiple advanced imaging capabilities, both invasive and noninvasive. This includes pioneering merged-image diagnostic modalities to achieve extreme precision and accuracy.

Our state-of-the-art research facility is located within the University Hospitals Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center.



Groundbreakers in OCT, CMR and Cardiac CT Technology

We are the global leader in optical coherence tomography (OCT). OCT is a breakthrough intravascular imaging technology that allows clinicians to readily see and measure important blood vessel characteristics that were previously invisible or difficult to observe with older intracoronary imaging modalities.

Our team is also a leader in cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (CMRI) endpoints to develop pharmaceutical and biologic therapies. And, we were the first center in the U.S. to introduce computed tomography (CT)-fractional flow reserve (FFR) technology.

Why Choose Us?

Expertise: All analyses are performed by MD-level physicians, including interventional cardiologists, cardiac imaging cardiologists and research physicians. Our laboratory leaders are nationally renowned for ongoing academic and biomedical research. They have contributed to hundreds of scientific publications in leading journals, such as the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association, and European Heart Journal – Cardiovascular Phenomics.

Data Security: Specially trained computer programmers manage our network, and our secure electronic data management system features institutional-level virus protection; remote, redundant data backup; and need-to-know-only user access to data. We use 510(k)-approved software and are 21 CFR Part 11- and HIPAA-compliant.

Biostatistician Support: Our full-time PhD-level biostatistician staff assist with protocol design and review and provide support throughout the trial and publication period.

Training: We provide training workshops in modalities such as OCT workshops to train researchers and physicians worldwide. We also offer fellowships in Cardiovascular Phenomics to qualified candidates.