Lymphatic Therapy

Therapy Can Help Improve Drainage and Reducing Swelling Within the Lymphatic System

Certified therapists at University Hospitals-provide the latest in lymphedema management for patients. This specific type of therapy, also called complex decongestive therapy, helps reduce the build-up of fluid within soft tissues that has caused swelling. Whether from cancer, cancer treatments or other causes, these skilled therapists help patients reduce this build-up of fluid as a result of blockage within the lymphatic system. Manual lymphatic draining, a type of gently massage, can also be used to decrease swelling in a limb.

Combined Therapy Offers Optimum Benefits

Swelling in the genitals, extremities, or head and neck is not unusual after surgery, too. However, there are ways to gently reduce the swelling and increase lymphatic drainage for improved recovery. Therapists with advanced training and certification combine therapies such as massage bandaging and exercise to decrease swelling. Our specialists also work with patients with important educational information for self-care.

Advanced Technology

University Hospitals Rehab Services is the first in northeast Ohio to offer the innovative L-Dex® technology. This advanced device is able to detect changes in fluid levels by measuring bioimpedance, the response of tissue of external applied electric current. This technology is used for early detection of lymphedema, critical to preventing the progression of this disorder.