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Routine Care

Routine Care: Annual Physical, Screenings and More

Focused on preventive care, annual physical exams or checkups are essential to living a long, healthy life.

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Routine Care at University Hospitals

Routine care is regular visits to a primary care provider for an annual physical exam, age-appropriate screenings and vaccinations, and preventive treatments. These visits allow PCP’s to monitor your health status, identify any potential issues, and provide necessary interventions or guidance. Routine care visits typically include the following:

Annual Physical Exam

Important component to living a long, healthy life. Find a primary care doctor and schedule your exam today.

Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

Medicare annual wellness visits focus on health promotion and disease prevention, which is key to living a long, healthy life.

Preventive Screenings

Health screenings are important for detecting and preventing diseases and managing risk factors.


Vaccinations are a valuable, science-based tool for the prevention of disease. Being vaccinated can prevent or lessen the severity of disease in people of all ages.

Health Counseling

Overall health and well-being support services to help with nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation, and more.

Mental Health

The UH Behavioral Health Institute has extensive expertise in diagnosing a range of psychological and behavioral health issues, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, addiction and substance abuse.

Primary Care & Wellness Info

Read the latest in family medicine health news and information to help you live your best.

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Meet Joe

Redefining Men’s Health and Well-Being

A $15 million gift was awarded to University Hospitals to create the UH Cutler Center for Men. The UH Cutler Center for Men redefines men’s well-being and sense of belonging through remarkable, personalized programs that provide comprehensive, life-long physical, mental and emotional support. As part of the program, we collaborate with your primary care provider to help you manage your physical and mental fitness while providing the support you need to maintain your best health at every stage of life.

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Womens Consultation

Comprehensive, Individualized Care for Women’s Health Issues

University Hospitals provides comprehensive care for women in every stage of life, from well woman visits to diagnosis and treatment of the full spectrum of gynecologic and other women’s health conditions. In addition to offering regular primary/preventive care, we have a team of OB/GYN and women’s health providers with extensive expertise in specialties such as women’s pelvic health, minimally invasive surgery, high-risk pregnancies, fertility and breast health.

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