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If hip or knee pain and stiffness are truly preventing you from being yourself and living your life, it may be time to consider joint replacement at University Hospitals. Realize your potential and start living. Walk into a new beginning of long-term relief, mobility, and a renewed quality of life.

Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery in Cleveland, Ohio

When You May Need a Hip or Knee Replacement

We may recommend total hip or knee joint replacement surgery if your joint pain:

  • Cannot be relieved with medications, assistive devices or physical therapy
  • Affects your ability to get a good night’s sleep
  • Restricts your ability to work, exercise or perform day-to-day activities
  • Affects your quality of life in other ways

Benefits of Hip and Knee Joint Replacements

  • Reduced joint pain or joint pain relief
  • Increased ability to stand, walk and return to low impact activities like golf, biking, hiking and many other types of exercise
  • Improved and more restful sleep
  • Improved quality of life
  • Increased mobility
  • Increased movement and range of motion
  • Improved overall joint strength and function
  • Improved overall health

Quality Total Joint Replacement Care

UH orthopedic doctors are committed to providing a safe hospital experience and high-quality results at all of our locations throughout Northeast Ohio. To accomplish this, we’ve implemented our High Reliability Medicine Program (HRM) that focuses on standardizing care and continuous process improvement. Our team meets monthly to analyze our patient care and develop plans to incorporate the latest innovations and improvements in care at all locations. By standardizing our approach, we are able to provide consistent high-quality orthopedic care, regardless of where you go within our health care system.

University Hospitals is a US News high performing hospital for knee and hip replacement

Frequently Asked Questions

A Patient’s Perspective on Her Knee Replacement Surgery

"I knew it was time for knee replacement surgery when I couldn't play with my 3-year-old grandson. I also couldn't do the hiking I love. When I decided it couldn't wait any longer, I chose the joint replacement surgeons at UH. I went through the pre-surgery education classes that were offered and felt personally ready and very well supported by the staff. After surgery and rehab, my goal was simply walking up the stairs – but now I'm even back to hiking. My life has truly been changed for the better, and I can play with my grandson pain-free.” – Rebecca Campell

Your Joint Replacement Journey: A Doctor’s Perspective

Our team of medical experts work together in a communicative and collaborative nature to find the best treatment plan for each patient. UH orthopedic surgeon Matthew Kraay, MD, explains the UH team approach to hip and knee replacement.

Want More Information?

Download our hip and knee replacement guide to learn more about total joint replacement at UH. Just enter your information below.

Joint-Preserving Procedures Delay or Eliminate Joint Replacement

If your hip or knee joint pain is minor, joint-preserving procedures may be a first step in delaying joint replacement or even as an alternative to total joint replacement. We offer several joint-preserving procedures, including:

  • Joint debridement: This treatment removes bone spurs and damaged tissues around the hip or knee joints that can cause pain.
  • Realignment osteotomy: This treatment corrects hip or knee deformities, realigns the abnormal joint and shifts weight to a normal part of the joint.
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