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Female Sexual Health

Multidisciplinary, Compassionate Care for Women with Sexual Health Concerns

Sexual health is an important and lifelong aspect of every woman’s overall physical and psychological well-being. However, almost 50 percent of women in the U.S. report having some type of sexual health concern, making it more common than diabetes. Yet, many women think there is nothing that can be done and are often reluctant or too embarrassed to discuss their concerns with their healthcare provider. And often, when sexual health declines so does quality of life.

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A Program Designed With You in Mind

The UH Female Sexual Health Program, created by the UH Urology Institute, is dedicated to addressing all of the sexual health concerns women may have throughout their lifetime. Our program brings together experts from a variety of medical, surgical and behavioral health disciplines who specialize in and understand the many components of female sexual health, including those caused by a physical/medical condition, a biological/chemical imbalance and/or psychological issues related to sexual intimacy.

Our primary goal is to provide a unique and open environment of care where women feel empowered, confident and comfortable discussing this important aspect of their health.

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Call 216-844-3009 to schedule your initial consultation with a female sexual health expert. We want to hear your story.

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Schedule your in-person exam so we can put the pieces together and make a diagnosis.

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Our inter-disciplinary team will take it from here with a tailored treatment plan, referrals as needed, and get you started on the road to restoration of your health and quality of life.

“There is an underlying stigma that exists around women’s sexuality and sexual health. We want to change this mindset and empower women to come forward and discuss their concerns with our team of compassionate, highly trained sexual health professionals.”
- Dr. Rachel Pope

A Multidisciplinary Team Provides Personalized Solutions for Every Woman

Our team of women’s health professionals is dedicated to helping you restore your sexual health, in a setting where you feel safe, accepted and able to speak openly. And we coordinate your care so you don’t have to make appointments with multiple clinicians - we assess your needs and refer you to the appropriate experts so you can start to feel better, sooner.

We strive to incorporate a bio-psycho-social model for diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, your team may include experts in:

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