Unsurpassed Expertise and Nationally Ranked Outcomes in Pediatric Surgery

The pediatric surgeons at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital are unsurpassed in the region. We offer our patients a powerful combination of highly specialized expertise that reaches across a wide range of clinical care. Our surgeons are leaders in their fields, covering 11 pediatric surgical specialties.

Our surgical team, together with our multidisciplinary medical, nursing and child life specialist staff, deliver a more comprehensive and supportive experience to children and their families when surgery is needed.

While many surgical procedures can only be performed at our UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital location, outpatient services are provided at a number of convenient UH locations across northeast Ohio. Families receive expert care, with surgical outcomes that are ranked among the best in the country, all while staying closer to home.

Pioneers in Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery

At the forefront of a field that continually offers promising new technologies and approaches, UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s pediatric surgeons are pioneers and international leaders in minimally invasive neurosurgery in children. Whenever possible, we approach a young patient’s surgery with minimally invasive options. This involves less pain, a shorter hospital stay and a less traumatic recovery than traditional surgery.

Our pediatric neurosurgery team is well respected in the industry and widely published in peer-reviewed journals. Our patients can feel confident receiving care from brightest leaders in pediatric brain surgery.

Leading-Edge Tools for Pediatric Brain Surgery

Our pediatric surgeons have not only developed several novel surgical tools, they also have taken an active role in the development of endoscopic brain surgery. This minimally invasive procedure enables surgeons to look inside the brain through tiny openings in the skull. They use an instrument called an endoscope, or scope. This is a long thin tube with a camera attached.

These high-resolution devices help surgeons visualize the target of surgery with pinpoint precision. Using endoscopes, computers and image guidance devices makes surgery safer and less traumatic for the patient.

Our physicians also use endoscopy to treat other intracranial conditions such as hydrocephalus (water on the brain), as well as brain malformations, cysts and brain tumors with minimal damage to healthy brain tissue.

System-wide Approach Can Handle Highly Complex Cases

With expert surgical skill and comprehensive capabilities across our system of care, our specialty and sub-specialty surgeons can address the most complex surgeries. Our pediatric surgeons work closely with our blood disorder and cancer team, so there is a smooth transition of care if any complexities or new health issues arise.

Our pediatric surgeons are also involved in treatment discussions from the very beginning of a patient’s diagnoses. They meet with specialists across multiple disciplines to determine the treatment plan that will work best for each child and his or her family. This can include tumor boards, or team discussions, for pediatric cancer patients, as well as treatment planning for many patients with blood disorders.

The surgical team includes a multifaceted group of pediatric-trained experts, including:

Our multidisciplinary approach means your child is cared for by a passionate team of providers who work together to deliver lifesaving treatment.

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