Pediatric Heart Disease Diagnostics

One of the most important steps in caring for a baby with a birth defect is accurate, personalized diagnostic testing and interpretation of the results. Our prenatal testing and diagnostic capabilities allow families to make informed decisions based upon the latest data and to consider all of their options.

At University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, we use the latest and most innovative imaging equipment and techniques to quickly and accurately diagnose the full range of cardiovascular conditions, so patients can receive treatment as quickly as possible. Thorough and highly sophisticated testing allows us to get an accurate picture of just what the problem is – and we do this through a series of the most advanced tests available anywhere.

Extensive Pediatric Imaging Skill for any Diagnostic Need

Our pediatric cardiologists perform the cardiac imaging tests and work closely across our specialized pediatric team at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s for any diagnostic need. Our team of experts work side by side to provide specialized care to our young patients and their families.

Our diagnostic tests and procedures include:

Convenient Clinic Locations across System of Care

We offer a comprehensive range of non-invasive prenatal diagnostic testing at our main campus and at the majority of our clinics across Northeast Ohio to provide for exceptional patient access and convenience. Our clinic locations are staffed by pediatric cardiologists, cardiac nurse practitioners as well as our highly dedicated team of cardiac nurses, medical assistants and sonographers. These specially trained nurses offer assistance to physicians, patient and family during patient visits, help during patient follow-ups and often provide testing results when not available during the routine visit in person, by telephone or via online services.