Great Lakes Otolaryngology Consortium for Resident Education

This lecture series provided didactic learning for our trainees while we navigated the unprecedented changes Covid-19 brought to educating our residents.

As our health systems move to more normal activities, we are no longer providing live online lectures. The recorded lectures are available to listen to below. Please refer to the lecture schedule for additional information.

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Recorded Lectures

3/27/2020 | View Lecture
Part 1: Lateral Skull Base Lesions
Part 2: Preventing complications of sinus surgery

3/31/2020 | View Lecture
Part 1: Evaluation and management of dysphagia
Part 2: Laryngeal Cancer

4/1/2020 | View Lecture
Part 1: Pediatric Neck mass
Part 2: Pediatric Hearing Loss

4/2/2020 | View Lecture
Part I Multidisciplinary approach to the OSA patient: steps toward precision medicine
Part 2: Odontogenic Sinusitis

4/3/2020 | View Lecture
Part 1: Pediatric Sleep Apnea
Part 2: Management of oropharyngeal cancer: from HPV to robots

4/6/2020 | View Lecture
Part 1: VEMP principles and applications
Part 2: Facial feminization

4/7/2020 | View Lecture
Endoscopic and Open treatment of subglottic/tracheal stenosis

4/8/2020 | View Lecture
Part 1: Petrosal Approaches
Part 2: Sentinel lymph node biopsy for oral cavity cancer

4/9/2020 | View Lecture
Part 1: The Role of DISE in OSA management
Part 2: Microtia and Aural Atresia

4/10/2020 | View Lecture
Part 1: ENT and COVID pandemic in Italy
Part 2: Management of Cleft lip and palate
Part 3: Ear fullness: when it's not just wax or fluid

4/13/2020 | View Lecture
Part 1: Management of Pediatric Facial Fractures
Part 2: Benign salivary disease

4/14/2020 | View Lecture
Part 1: Benign vocal cord lesions 
Part 2: Pediatric Thyroid and salivary gland neoplasms

4/15/2020 | View Lecture
Part 1: ECOG
Part 2: Chronic Cough and Functional Laryngeal Disorders

4/16/2020| View Lecture
Part 1: Surgical management of Obstructive sleep apnea - Paul Hoff (U of Michigan)
Part 2: Head and Neck Microvascular Reconstruction: Fundamentals and Workhorse Flaps

Role of Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulator | View Lecture
Part 2: Common Skin Lesions for the non-Dermatologist | View Lecture

4/20/2020 | View Lecture
Genetics of hearing loss

4/21/2020 | View Lecture
Part 1: Oral cavity cancer case discussion
Part 2: Stridor in neonates

4/22/2020 | View Lecture
Part 1: Shared decision making in Pediatric ENT
Part 2: Invasive fungal sinusitis

4/23/2020 | View Lecture
Mandibular Reconstruction

Part I Medullary thyroid carcinoma | View Lecture
Part II Locoregional flaps in head and neck | View Lecture

4/28/2020 | View Lecture
Stapedectomy Pearls

Sleep physiology | View Lecture
Cochlear implants: Update on current candidacy in adults and children | View Lecture

4/30/2020 | View Lecture
Endolymphatic Sac Surgery

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