Faculty Textbooks

The faculty at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center and Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center, in collaboration with Case Western Reserve University, is well-recognized for their dedication and excellence in teaching. In addition to the Neurology Residency Program, our faculty frequently lectures at local, national and international educational review courses. Many of our faculty have authored that are now widely used in many residency and fellowship programs. Many residents have commented that during their application interviews, they noticed that these textbooks were used in most neurology residencies, and thought it would make more sense to go to a residency where instead of only reading these textbooks, they went to the residency where the faculty who wrote these textbooks could teach them directly.

One unique aspect of this residency program is that the department supplies many of the faculty-authored textbooks free of charge to residents as electronic books for mini-iPads supplied by the Neurology Residency Program.

Neurology in Clinical Practice, 7th Edition by Robert B. Daroff, Joseph Jankovic, John Mazziotta and Scott Pomeroy
Encyclopedia of the Neurological Sciences by Michael J. Aminoff and Robert B. Daroff
Neuromuscular Disorders in Clinical Practice by Bashar Katirji, Henry J. Kaminski,and Robert L. Ruff
Electromyography and Neuromuscular Disorders: Clinical-Electrophysiologic-Ultrasound Correlations, 4th Edition by David C. Preston and Barbara E. Shapiro
Electromyography in Clinical Practice: A Case Study Approach, 3rd Edition by Bashar Katirji
The Neurology of Eye Movements, 5th Edition by R. John Leigh and David S. Zee
Handbook of Neuro-Ophthalmology by Robert L. Tomsak and Mark R. Levine
The Little Black Book of Neurology, 6th Edition by Alan J. Lerner
Diagnostic Criteria in Neurology by Alan J. Lerner
The Neurologic History and Examination by Monroe Cole
Neuroimaging in Neurology by David C. Preston and Barbara E. Shapiro
Struck by the Hand of God: The Collision of Stroke and World History by Michael De Georgia
The Myth of Alzheimer's by Peter J Whitehouse
Textbook of Epilepsy Surgery by Hans O. Luders
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