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Our Neurology Residency Program graduates take varied paths after graduation. Almost all residents choose to continue with additional fellowship training. Some graduates choose a fellowship program in a variety of subspecialties, while others head into academics. Some of our Neurology Residency Program graduates are accepted at the most competitive and highly ranked fellowship programs in the country while many remain at University Hospitals.

Letter From Our Chiefs

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Current Neurology Residents (2023 - 2024)

Chief Residents

Soheil El-Azzouni, MD
Yiyi Zhang, MD


  • Majed Alomar, MD
  • Faisal Alshaibi, MD
  • Soheil El-Azzouni, MD
  • James Dolbow, DO
  • Severine Laure Kako, MD
  • Paul Lacanienta, MD
  • Marshall Kirsch, DO
  • George Sadek, MD
  • Nikhil Modak, MD
  • Yazid Saidi, MD
  • Caleb Winner, MD
  • Yiyi Zhang, MD


  • Abdullah Alam, MD
  • Malak Alaboudi, MD
  • Mohammed Albedaiwi, MD
  • Jenny Chen, MD
  • Eric Curfman, MD
  • Joshua Edmondson, MD
  • David McClendon, DO
  • Elliott Hayden, MD
  • Tiffany Kyo, MD
  • Persen Sukpornchairak, MD
  • Yue Sun, MD
  • Daniel Wood, MD


  • Ibrahim Alkhodair, MD
  • Beddome Allen, MD
  • Yazan Bittar, MD 
  • Jason Brown, MD
  • Katrina Geannopoulos, MD
  • Saloni Gyani, MD
  • Adeeb Narangoli, MD
  • Samantha Patton, MD
  • Alexandra Thele, MD
  • Rachel Triay, MD
  • Ameena Shafiq, MD
  • Bassam Yaghmoor, MD


  • Omar Abushehadeh, DO
  • Mohammed Aleid, MD
  • Alhassin Al Mostaneer, MD
  • Madison Connelly, MD
  • Chanawee Hirunpattarasilp, MD
  • Jonah Kuvin, DO
  • Daniel Perlow, MD
  • Omna Sharma, MD
  • Raghav Talreja, MD
  • Paul Wang, MD, PhD
  • Julia Weiner, MD
  • Sophie Xie, MD