residents at event

In addition to the many educational conferences attended in the departments of medicine and pediatrics, every Thursday at noon the Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program residents gather for an hour for an educational conference. This weekly conference is an opportunity for the med-peds family to gather in an informal setting to focus on academic topics related to med-peds. We have several rotating med-peds conference topics.

Combined Med-Peds Conference

Held on the second Thursday of the month, the med-peds program conducts a Grand Rounds-style conference that is attended by the Department of Medicine and Department of Pediatrics residents. This is an opportunity for fourth-year residents to present their Senior Talk and discuss notable med-peds topics. Renowned local and national speakers discuss issues pertaining to med-peds and transitional care.

Case Conference Opportunities

During case conference, PGY1 and PGY2 residents have the opportunity to present a morning report style case to the med-peds residents and faculty.

Meds-Peds Journal Club

During their third and fourth years, med-peds residents lead Journal Club where recent and foundational articles are reviewed.

Guidelines Review

At regular guideline review conferences, we stay up to date on pertinent guidelines for both pediatric and adult patients.


Each month the med-peds family gathers to discuss current issues, upcoming events and review board questions. We also review recent med-peds consults and discuss transitional issues.