Stipends & Benefits


Residents and Fellows are paid according to their level of training. The stipends, as of July 1, 2023:

PGY I: $63,900
PGY II: $66,400
PGY III: $69,000
PGY IV: $71,400
PGY V: $73,800
PGY VI: $76,400
PGY VII: $78,600


  • Educational Stipend: Every program offers an educational stipend. The educational stipend may be used towards study materials, books, journals, professional memberships. Ask your program coordinator for details.
  • Paid Time-Off: at least 20 days off
  • Medical/Dental/Vision Health Insurance: Coverage as provided in the UH hospital specific Employee Benefit Plan (bi-weekly premiums).
  • Lab Coats: Two (2) lab coats provided with embroidery
  • Laundry: Lab coats and hospital scrubs are sent out for laundering by the hospital.
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Provided by the hospital. Coverage is limited to activities within the parameters of the training program.
  • Research Project Presentation: If you are selected for a poster or paper presentation with the approval of the Program Director, the Resident will receive reimbursement to offset the cost for the registration & travel expenses subject to the UH policies for reimbursable travel & expense.
  • Parking: Free on-site
  • On-call Meal Allowance: Subject to the program’s on-call schedule
  • Resident Wellness: All residents have access to National EAP (link or contacts to National EAP)