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Community Partnerships Enhance Preventive Medicine Residency Learning

The Preventive Medicine Residency at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, in collaboration with Case Western Reserve University, is a 24-month experience consisting of three overlapping components:

The teaching environment is strengthened by strong relationships with the Cuyahoga County Board of Health, Case Western Reserve University and the Northeast Ohio Medical University. The faculty and community partners of the residency are dedicated to training the next generation of physician leaders in preventive medicine and public health, and to improving health and health care in our large and diverse community. The enthusiasm, collegiality and ongoing synergy are palpable in the personal interactions between faculty, residents and community partners. Individualized learning plans that help each resident to tailor their training to meet their current needs and to set up their desired future career are a hallmark of this program.

UH Preventive Medicine Residency Ranked #3 in the U.S.

Innovation in Regional Public Health Initiatives

Cleveland, Ohio, is an ideal learning environment for trainees in preventive medicine. While Cleveland faces some very significant challenges associated with poverty, childhood lead exposure, disparities in health and health care access and more, the public health community has responded with a number of innovative and boundary-spanning initiatives.

One such initiative, the Health Improvement Partnership-Cuyahoga (HIP-Cuyahoga), provides a process for community assessment and development of community-wide health initiatives involving a number of players outside the traditional realms of healthcare and public health.

In addition, Cleveland is at the forefront of addressing the problem of urban food deserts through numerous research and demonstration projects aimed at bringing fresh food and healthier eating habits to the urban core. Central to many of these initiatives is our primary community training partner, the Cuyahoga County Board of Health (CCBH). The Preventive Medicine Residency is affiliated with The Center for Community Health Integration which conducts collaborative research and development to advance community health and integrated, personalized health care. The Center works with others across multiple levels of a complex system to develop shared understanding of the effects of social, environmental systems, and to use that understanding to improve the health of individuals, vulnerable populations, and communities.

Public Health Mission Fosters Learning in Diverse Urban Environment

Our mission is to foster resident individuality, growth and leadership in an academically rich and culturally diverse urban environment, emphasizing the development of excellent clinical skills in preventive care and expertise in applying and contributing to the scientific base for preventive medicine and public health practice.

Life in Cleveland Has So Much to Offer

Whether you are interested in exploring the rich cultural history of its neighborhoods or eating at one of its many award-winning eateries, Cleveland has something for everyone.