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Why Choose Us

“I chose UHCMC for my dietetic internship because of the all-in-one approach the program takes. I was drawn to the idea of getting in-depth experience in all area of dietetics, including specialty rotations and research, at a top teaching hospital and university.”

“I chose this internship because each preceptor is assigned one intern at a time, meaning you receive quality attention and gain confidence in working on your own throughout your internship experience.”

“I chose UHCMC for my dietetic internship program because of the strong clinical focus, one-to-one preceptor-intern ratio, and the impressive variety of rotations that I knew would prepare me to be a skilled, knowledgeable, and confident RDN. I’ve always been interested in working with kids so I was excited about the 8-week long pediatric rotation which I loved! The combined Master’s program was also a strong deciding factor me as I really value education and enjoy research. UHCMC is such a caring environment where the patient is put first and I’m happy to be here!”

“I chose UHCMC for my dietetic internship because of the immense offerings of clinical nutrition experience and extensive time spent in pediatric nutrition. After fully reviewing the program, I knew I wanted to apply. Finding out I matched with UH was one of the best days of my life thus far, and I cannot recommend enough choosing this program for your internship!”