Program Information

The Combined Dietetic Internship/Master’s Degree Program is 16 months long. The first 11 months are devoted to completing the accredited Dietetic Internship Program supervised practice hours and also 14 hours of graduate school coursework. The final months are comprised of completing the remaining graduate school requirements.

The Combined Dietetic Internship One-Track Option

This program provides a minimum of 1,587 hours of full-time scheduled supervised practice experience within a 49-week period. The program has an annual enrollment of five full-time interns.
Please note: The program accepts only full-time students.

During the fall/spring terms (August-May): The students are scheduled at the hospital four days each week (Tuesday through Friday) in both the fall and in the spring terms.
Case Western Reserve University classes are held on Mondays. The spring term also includes an evening class.

During the summer months (May-July): The students are scheduled in the hospital Monday through Friday. At the end of the 49 weeks, the students complete the Dietetic Internship portion of the CDI. They are provided with a verification statement which will qualify them to take the registration examination for dietitians.

Master of Science Degree: During the first and second semesters, the interns take a total of 14 credit hours at CWRU (7 credits hours each semester). In the final semester of the graduate program, students enroll for at least 13 (graduate) credit hours. In order to complete the university’s requirements for the Master’s degree, the students must take a written comprehensive examination.
For the graduate to have a Master’s Degree and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist credentials at the end of the 16-month program is a winning combination since it provides a competitive edge when entering the job market for the first time.

The Dietetic Internship program is currently accredited by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), 120 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 2190, Chicago, IL 60606-6995. Telephone: 312-899-0040 ext. 5400.

Each intern will receive a stipend of $13,000 (before taxes) over the course of the Supervised Practice Experience. The stipend is processed through the hospital’s payroll system and a portion of it is received every two weeks via direct deposit. In addition to the stipend, each student receives a dollar amount for cafeteria meals during the supervised practice experience.

Application for Employment Process
All UH Cleveland Medical Center dietetic interns will complete an application of employment for UH Cleveland Medical Center. Dietetic interns are required to follow the hospital’s policies and procedures for employment. Dietetic interns are hired into the system as temporary full-time employees. A representative from Human Resources will:

  • Contact the intern/student to set up an appointment with Corporate Health for a physical, including TB shots and urine sample
  • Contact the intern to set up an appointment for fingerprinting (a background check is completed for all employees)
  • Conduct reference checks
  • Send the intern/student a formal letter both confirming their position and providing information on the hospital’s orientation

Time Off and Holidays
The program allows five personal days in addition to six holidays.

The UH Cleveland Medical Center Dietetic Internship Program has a 100 percent passing rate for interns who have taken the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist examination for the first time.