Emergency Medical Services at University Hospitals Samaritan Medical Center

To keep you and your family safe and healthy, UH continues to provide 24/7 emergency care at our emergency room locations. Learn more

We appreciate your trust in us for care and want to assure you that University Hospitals remains committed to keeping you and your family healthy, and will continue to provide you with the health care services you need.

Our emergency room remains open 24/7/365 for walk-in emergency care. The health and safety of our patients and staff is our top priority, so we are following best practices for cleanliness, infection control and employee health at all of our facilities. As an added precaution, we ask that patients experiencing flu-like symptoms call before coming into the ER. By answering our COVID-19 screening questions honestly, we will be able to provide you with the appropriate level of care while ensuring the safety of all ER patients.

Learn more about our response to COVID-19

The Emergency Department at UH Samaritan Medical Center is dedicated to providing quality emergency care in a timely manner 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Patients are seen according to the severity of their condition, rather than according to their arrival time.

UH Samaritan Emergency Department Provides State-of-the-Art Care in a Modern Facility

Recently renovated in 2009, the UH Samaritan Emergency Department is unique in many ways, starting with its design, which incorporated input from those who use it daily: our staff.

Each patient room has a television, computer, telephone and doors for optimal privacy and comfort. Nurses can efficiently monitor patients’ stats and quickly attend to patient needs through four equally spaced nurses’ stations. The peaked glass ceiling allows natural lighting to flood the area, encompassing patients and staff alike in an uplifting way.

The medical staff can treat up to 22 patients at a time, and the Emergency Department lobby has ample waiting space for visitors. Vending machines and wheelchairs are nearby, as is a separate play area for children.

The new ambulance bay accommodates four emergency squad cars – three more than before the renovation. The heated concrete drive assures the safety of emergency medical services personnel loading stretchers in and out of the squad car.

Physicians and nurses can work side-by-side with great efficiency when time is of the utmost importance in the new trauma room. Once stabilized, patients are whisked to a waiting helicopter on the attached, rooftop helipad.

Another new feature of the 9,411-square-foot addition is a family consultation room with a bereavement room overlooking an outdoor, inspirational fountain. This allows families to grieve in a peaceful, quiet setting.

The Emergency Department also added a new CT scanner to assure timely diagnostic testing is available to our emergency patients and our outpatients. Another patient-focused change came in the addition of a financial counselor who meets with emergency patients at the time of service.

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