Student Rotations & Shadowing During Covid-19

Medical Students

As the COVID pandemic continues, we would like to update you regarding visiting medical student rotations at University Hospital Cleveland Medical Center as of December 11, 2020. Visiting rotations for domestic students (U.S. institutions) have resumed but we honor your medical school guidelines and do not offer electives if your school limits travel and away electives. We do have a few virtual electives. Applications for the January through July 2021 electives have closed in VSLO. International student rotations remain suspended.

We plan to resume our usual visiting student elective offerings as of July 2021 and will start accepting VSLO applications in January 2021. Of course, we will comply with any national policy that emerges regarding medical student away rotations as the pandemic comes under control.

Student Shadowing

All current student shadowing programs remain suspended. An exception is that we continue to support student rotations in our accredited clinical programs (medical, nursing, PT/OT, pharmacy, dietitians).