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University Hospitals Centers of Excellence+: Information for Employers & Payers

Center of Excellence+ (COE+) programs have become a popular employer choice for containing health care costs while obtaining better outcomes. Health benefits tend to be one of the highest line items in an employer’s budget, with 25% of total medical spending directly tied to surgeries. As such, self-funded employers are interested in directing their employees to quality centers with proven outcomes and predictable pricing.

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Benefits of Centers of Excellence+ for Employers & Payers

Our COE+ program is built on five pillars of clinical care — connection, innovation, engagement, transformation and appropriateness — that together allow us to offer enhanced value for both employers and payers.

Employers benefit from COE+ programs because they lead to lower costs and healthier, more productive workforces. Insurance companies and other payers benefit from the COE+ designation because participation in such programs makes them stand out in the marketplace in a positive way, bolstering patient volumes and improving business.

University Hospitals Is a Designated Member of the Employer Centers of Excellence Network (ECEN), administered by Contigo Health, LLC.

  • The Contigo Health ECEN Passport™, which is administered by Contigo Health, is a national program that provides workers with access to high-quality care for elective surgeries at carefully selected COE+ programs throughout the country.
  • To obtain ECEN designation, organizations must meet rigorous criteria and undergo a stringent assessment process in which both hospitals and surgeons are evaluated.
  • Organizations must complete an extensive request for proposal detailing clinical protocols, patient selection criteria and performance metrics (length of stay, infection rates, procedure-specific outcomes, etc.).
  • Fewer than 5% of health care systems initially identified for participation in ECEN meet all the quality requirements for consideration.

Bundled Package

All the services offered through University Hospitals’ COE+ programs are bundled together to be paid at a single rate. This approach promotes efficiency and best practices from all caregivers involved as they work together to provide the highest quality patient care while staying within a price point.

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