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Amendments & Continuing Reviews

Thank you for continuing to utilize the Dahms Clinical Research Unit (DCRU) services.

In order to better serve the 250+ active protocols utilizing the DCRU annually, please use the electronic submission process below to submit Protocol Amendments and Annual Continuing Reviews. This process will interface with electronic workflows and enable the DCRU to efficiently and effectively manage your amendments and implement study visit changes more quickly.

Submit protocol amendments and continuing reviews through the submission form below:

DCRU Amendment and Continuing Review Submissions


To maintain compliance with study tasks assigned to us, please inform us of any changes to your protocol and the effective date of the changes.

As soon as possible after receipt please use the link to submit: 

  1. Amendment(s) or administrative letter(s) whether or not they relate to our study tasks
  2. All associated amended documents including:
    • Protocol
    • Lab Manual
    • Pharmacy Manual
    • Informed Consent Document(s)
    • Any document that describes potential additional adverse events to research subjects
    • IRB approval


The DCRU is obligated to confirm that we provide services to IRB-approved protocols only. Because of our annual volume we need your help in tracking your study’s IRB status and your future plans for research subject enrollment and visits.

In advance of the IRB approval end date please use the submission form to send:

  1. Continuing review submission and approval letter
  2. Any amended documents approved at this time

If you experience any difficulty using the link or have ideas how we might improve the survey or process, please email us: DahmsCRU@uhhospitals.org