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Dahms Clinical Research Unit Provides Research Support

The Dahms Clinical Research Unit (DCRU) provides research-dedicated facilities and staff to create capacity, opportunity and a supportive environment for clinical and translational research at the academic medical center and in the community.

The Dahms Clinical Research Unit team partners with investigators from all disciplines to support pediatric and adult clinical research visits, and will work with you to plan your study budget and implement your protocol from recruitment to study visit.

The Dahms Clinical Research Unit provides:

  • A culturally sensitive and welcoming clinical environment
  • Inpatient and outpatient facilities
  • Highly trained clinical research staff, including research nurses, bionutritionists, lab, study coordination and bioinformatics professionals
  • Specialty services, including a metabolic kitchen and dietary counseling, remote sleep monitoring, DXA scans for whole body composition and bone density, and a special chemistry analytical lab that can test for a range of cytokine tests using ELISA technology
  • Available complete biospecimen management including customized sample collection and processing instructions and sample collection and shipping, DNA extraction and isolation of PBMCs in a sterile environment