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Applying for a Pre Doctoral Position

I. Eligibility

To be eligible to apply, a potential predoctoral trainee must have:

  • U.S. citizenship (or permanent residency with a green card I-551)
  • an undergraduate degree
  • research experience
  • enrollment in a PhD program, with the thesis advisor listed as a faculty member on this training grant. Candidates who will obtain an MS degree as part of their PhD program will generally not be appointed until they obtain their MS degree or a waiver to bypass the MS
  • a commitment to be on the training grant as a predoc for at least two years
  • intention to attend the regular musculoskeletal conferences and journal club
  • a commitment to a future, independent research career that involves musculoskeletal research

II. Application

The following application materials should be forwarded to Ed Greenfield, PhD (emg3@case.edu) in DOC, DOCX or PDF:

  • a letter of nomination by the thesis advisor; also include the approximate year and month in which the nominee is expected to receive the PhD
  • the NIH biosketch of the thesis advisor
  • the trainee candidate's CV and current Case Western Reserve University transcript
  • a copy of the candidate's previous application for admission to the Case Western Reserve University School of Graduate Studies; please ask the academic operations coordinator of your grad school department at CWRU to e-mail that admissions application directly to emg3@case.edu.
  • a short description of the candidate’s proposed research project (in the candidate’s own words)
  • a short description of the candidate’s career plans

The Steering Committee will interview eligible candidates.

Underrepresented minority candidates (African-American, Hispanic American, Native American, Alaskan Native, and Pacific Islander) and candidates who have disabilities are encouraged to apply.