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Orthopedic Clinical Research

Orthopaedic Clinical Research

The mission of the research program of the department is to advance and disseminate basic, applied and clinical science through excellence in investigation, cooperation and education.

The commitment of those of us in research is that our goal will not be limited to the success of the individual research programs. We are also committed to the greater goals that will benefit all those whom we serve: the students, the clinicians, other scientists, the institutions and, above all, the patients. These goals will be achieved through the development of the best research programs and through the excellent education of clinicians, residents and graduate students in the science of orthopaedics.

The future of musculoskeletal research in our department is even more exciting.

There has been an explosion of interest in musculoskeletal biology at University Hospitals Case Western Reserve University, as well as the other institutions in Northeast Ohio. At Case, the Department of Biomedical Engineering is committed to hiring four or five additional faculty members who have a strong interest in musculoskeletal research, and the Department of Radiology is currently developing a $20 million small-animal imaging center.

Two other medical centers in Northeast Ohio, the Cleveland Clinic and the Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine, have also greatly expanded their musculoskeletal research base. In the spirit of new cooperation, monthly combined research seminars are held among these institutions. This has been one of the most successful gatherings of researchers dedicated to musculoskeletal science and research. The attendance regularly exceeds ninety people. This is truly a staggering number of researchers in one metropolis with a strong interest in musculoskeletal research.

Specific to this department’s research endeavors new investments are being made. The Case Research Institute, the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and University Hospitals of Cleveland have committed several million dollars to facilitate our research endeavors. These funds will be used to recruit at least three new top-rated basic scientists. Half a million dollars has been committed to upgrade the equipment in the laboratory. Our existing research space will increase by 50 percent. Additionally, another $1.2 million has been committed to develop a clinical research center in the department.

This is truly an exciting time for those who are involved in musculoskeletal research at Case Western Reserve University.

Much potential and hope lies ahead of us. It is a privilege to be part of this team of wonderful people who are so dedicated to the mission we have set into view. We invite all of you who have dedicated your lives to orthopaedics to be part of our large family by sharing your vision and ideas with us as we bring orthopaedic science into the next century.

Without a doubt, this department has been one of the best orthopaedic research programs in the country. This success has not been an accident, but rather planned and cultivated by many great departmental leaders, past and present. Their vision was aided by the countless number of individuals dedicated to the success of the research mission, enhancing knowledge and improving the quality of life through the advancement of orthopaedic science.

For the past several decades, our researchers have maintained many highly successful research programs in broad areas of orthopaedic research.

Currently, the department is endowed with world-class researchers working on cartilage and bone-cell biology, tissue engineering, biomechanics, and functional electrical stimulation. The success of these endeavors is highlighted by the fact that the department has been ranked No.1 in funding by the National Institutes of Health among all orthopaedic departments many times. The total number of our faculty presentations at the annual Orthopaedic Research Society meetings is one of the highest of any institution in the country.

Recently, many individuals in this department have been awarded recognition for their great achievements in research. Design News Magazine named Dr. Hunter Peckham, who leads the functional electrical stimulation group, “Engineer of the Year.” Dr. Victor Goldberg has received the Alfred Shands Award for lifetime achievement in orthopaedic research. Dr. Ed Greenfield received the Kappa Delta Award from the Orthopaedic Research Society. These individuals are the finest examples of research leadership not only in this department, but also in the international orthopaedic community.