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University Hospitals Transplant Institute Offers Decades of Experience and Expert Care

No matter their age or gender, patients at UH Transplant Institute benefit from:

  • Decades of research and experience
  • Highly qualified multidisciplinary transplant team of experts
  • Carefully coordinated patient care across all specialties
  • Ongoing communication with your established health care providers

Organ Transplant Services Offered at University Hospitals

UH Transplant Institute offers the following organ transplant services:

The Process at UH Transplant Institute

Infographic: UH Transplant Institute. 50 Years of Innovation.
Over 50 years of Innovation. View Infographic.

Upon referral to UH Transplant Institute, patients undergo an evaluation to determine if they are eligible to be placed on the waiting list for an organ transplant. Once approved by the multidisciplinary transplant team, the patient will be added to the transplant waiting list and available to receive organ offers. When an organ becomes available, the transplant team contacts the patient. The patient then comes to University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio, for the transplant surgery.

After successful organ transplant, our expert team stays involved in the patient’s care. The patient is prescribed life-long medications to prevent organ rejection.

The transplant team continues to focus on the patient’s health by:

  • Checking the patient’s vital signs and progress
  • Examining surgical incisions for healing or infection
  • Measuring graft (new organ) function
  • Discussing potential immunosuppression issues
  • Formulating the safest discharge plans

The transplant team is involved throughout the patient’s entire life. A comprehensive outpatient treatment plan is provided to the patient and the family to help the patient stay healthy after the transplant.

Additional Transplant Support Services

Under the guidance of the transplant nurse coordinator, patients meet with transplant surgeons and transplant medical specialists, talk with a transplant social worker and transplant financial counselor about financial issues related to transplant surgery. UH Transplant Institute provides other support services including:

  • Support groups that enable patients and families to share their concerns throughout the organ transplant process
  • Pastoral care with ongoing family clergy or chaplains visiting patients upon request
  • Center for International Relations to coordinate medical, health care and personal services for physicians and patients who want to access UH programs and services globally
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