The Life-Saving and Life-Changing Power of Organ Transplant

For patients suffering from organ failure, an organ transplant can give them a second chance at life. For those who donate and their families, it is an act of amazing selflessness. Read these inspiring stories of grateful recipients who received the ultimate gift of life, and about some of the donors who made it possible.

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David’s Story

David Brown had the first lung transplant at University Hospitals on Feb. 6th, 1999. Dave enjoys spending time with his family and working for the city of Akron.

Faith Parsons

Faith’s Story

Several grateful individuals gained new organs thanks to an important conversation 25-year-old Faith Parsons had with her husband of just one year.

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John’s Story

John had his heart transplant at University Hospitals. He loves spending time with his family and having parties. His step daughter is a nurse in the CICU at UH.

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Juanita’s Story

Juanita had her liver transplant after being diagnosed with fulminant liver failure during her third pregnancy. Her baby was born in the UH medical ICU and is doing well today.

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Kaylin’s Story

Eight years ago, Kaylin Cassity went to University Hospitals Samaritan Medical Center in Ashland because she had been experiencing persistent headaches and nausea. According to Kaylin, that visit turned out to be truly life-saving.

Larry’s Story

68-year-old Larry Sekula’s heart was no longer able to pump the blood his body required. Left with no other options, his physicians listed him as status 1A on University Hospitals transplant list. Just 19 days later, Larry received his miracle.

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Patricia’s Story

Patricia met her organ donor while telling a story at work. The two have since become friends who travel together every year.